Our vision

Making impact

In Ovo is a biotech company developing products for the poultry industry that improve both animal welfare and efficiency. Our focus is on disruptive products, bringing a substantial positive impact to farmers and animals and boosting the industry as a whole. In Ovo is an agile and lean company, with an experienced, highly educated team and powerful network. We are the biotechnology whizkids of the poultry sector and we are highly motivated to bring positive change to the sector through the development of smart solutions to big problems.

Scientific & pragmatic

Getting things done

Our goal is to offer solutions for the poultry industry that will be used to solve major problems. Our solutions are innovative, pragmatic and make an impact, and our developments matter. We apply scientific knowledge to come up with great solutions and believe that a technical innovation is only as good as the business case that is being build around it. Therefore we not only develop clever technologies, but use our network to create concepts that appeal to every stakeholder of a problem, to ensure a quick market adoption.

Our investors

Newly hatched day-old chick

Biotechnology & poultry

We believe animal welfare and efficiency go hand in hand

The poultry market is huge. Chickens are an essential and efficient source of proteins in the global food market. Each year, the numbers increase and we want to ensure this happens in a responsible manner.


We love poultry

... and biotech!

Our team has a background in biology, biomedical sciences, microbiology and biotechnology. We consider sustainability, efficiency and animal welfare increasingly important focus points in our society, which are very much applicable to the poultry industry.

A partner for innovations

Knowledge valorisation

Valorisation of knowledge is defined as "the process of value-creation out of knowledge, by making this knowledge suitable and available for economic or societal utilisation and to translate this into high-potential products, services, processes and industrial activity". It is about making an impact by transfering scientific knowledge to a place where it will be used.

Besides understanding science, the team at In Ovo has a background in technology transfer as well. We know how to identify new opportunities and understand what we need to do to go from an idea to a product. We have shown that with our pragmatic approach it is possible to develop novel concepts.

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What we've learned...

  • Animal welfare

    Keeping animals makes you responsible for their well being. Better welfare is better for the animal and therefore better for production.

  • Global impact

    Our focus is on truly disruptive products, bringing a substantial positive impact to farmers and animals and boosting the poultry industry.

  • Excellent science

    In our hearts we are all scientists. We do developments based on scientific research, but with a pragmatic mindset.

  • Collaboration

    We believe that by forging unusual partnerships, we can enable much needed breakthroughs.