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Every year, 6.5 billion chicks are culled in the poultry industry. These are male and therefore don’t lay eggs. Traditionally chicks are sorted by gender by hand and the males are culled right after hatching. This has been a problem since the 1950s. In Ovo has developed a high-throughput screening machine called Ella which can identify the gender of the egg before it hatches. In Ovo is on a mission to make this technology available around the world, to end chick culling all together.

In Ovo founders Wil Stutterheim & Wouter Bruins
High-throughput in ovo sexing machine

Our solution: Ella

In Ovo has developed a high-throughput screening machine, called Ella, that gender-types the egg instead of the chick. This gives hatcheries the option to only hatch the females, which is better for animal welfare and sustainability. Ella is the result of several technological breakthroughs. It can screen both white and brown eggs, at an early stage, with high accuracy and with high-throughput.

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Ella, where bio meets tech

Finding a solution that screens early, both white and brown eggs, with high accuracy and at high throughput, was only possible by combining several technological breakthroughs.

In Ovo eggspert Wouter Bruins doing research on eggs

1. Unique biomarker

We’ve identified a unique biomarker to gender-type the eggs.

In Ovo eggspert Hugo checks mass spectrometry analyses

2. Mass spectrometry

The Echo® MS technology provided by Sciex determines the concentration of the biomarker within a second.

In Ovo machine sampling system

3. High-speed sampling

Demcon created a machine that samples at extremely high speeds.

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