Start-up internship | Open application

At In Ovo, we’re building ways to fundamentally change the way how we produce livestock. Our solutions are aimed at the poultry industry and focus on improving animal welfare without impacting production efficiency. We are best known for our high-throughput egg sexing solution, that has the potential to prevent billions of chicks being needlessly killed each year on their first day of life.

Although we are a young company, our team is growing and we are set to double the size of our team next year. We’re looking for interns that are exciting about generating results and working hard on interesting products, but we also want to aid long-term professional development.

Currently we have three main areas of focus: molecular biological egg sexing, a sensor-based/IoT system for monitoring poultry wellbeing and behaviour and a microbial biotechnology project upcycling poultry waste streams into valuable products. If you’re interested in any of these projects or if you have your own suggestion for an internship project that would be a good fit, we would love to hear from you. By the way, did you see our vacancy for a marketing internship?

Responsibilities and learning objectives

  • Assisting with ongoing research projects at In Ovo
  • Taking responsibility for a personal research project
  • At a minimum, we hope an internship at In Ovo will result in a better understanding of how poultry is produced and how we can improve that process
  • Ideally by the end of the project, interns will have delivered genuine impact on a research project and will have used our connections in scientific and business fields to expand their professional network


  • Assignment of a specific mentor who will develop a structured training programme
  • Active participation in company meeting and brainstorming sessions
  • Ride along to important meetings with outside parties


  • We’re open to candidates with different fields of expertise and areas of interest, but specifically are looking for candidates with a background in the life sciences, sensor technology and informatics
  • No previous experience is required but if you have relevant experience we’d like to hear about it
  • In Ovo is a dynamic company, with team members fulfilling many different roles. With this in mind, we’re looking for candidates that are able to communicate effectively and operate independently where required
  • Starting date

    To be discussed.

  • Apply via email

    Send your application via email (

  • Job type

    Full time (40 hours)

  • Benefits

    Get hands-on experience, participate in a multidisciplinary team, make impact, learn!

  • Requirements

    You’re a student at a university or a university of applied sciences

Apply via email. Send your resume and motivation letter to

Application by agency or recruiters is not appreciated and will be rejected.