Vacancy | Senior scientist mass spectrometry

In Ovo is a start-up and spin-off company from Leiden University. We are developing a high-throughput egg sexing solution. This high-tech system will prevent the manual sorting and subsequent killing of billions of day-old male chicks worldwide and make a huge, positive impact on the global poultry industry. Are you an mass spec scientist, who wants to make a lasting impact on the world and improve animal welfare? Get in touch with us!

In Ovo is young start-up and biotech spin-off from Leiden University. The founders, Wouter Bruins and Wil Stutterheim, started a few years ago with the development of a method to determine if a developing chicken egg contains a male or female chick. Why? Every year in the Netherlands, 45 million day-old chicks are killed (more than 3.2 billion worldwide), because they are male layer chickens. These animals can't be used for egg production, nor are they efficient meat producers. Therefore, all males are killed shortly after hatch and manual sorting. Recently, In Ovo secured an investment by Evonik, VisVires New Protein and Leiden University to further develop the solution to this problem.

In Ovo's solution enables automated gender screening of large amounts of fertilized chicken eggs. Our screening is the fastest and most pragmatic solution under development and will increase both efficiency and animal welfare in hatcheries worldwide. As a company, In Ovo focuses on developing solutions that do just that: improving the lives of both the poultry farmer (producer) and his/her animals. Our team has a background in biology, biomedical sciences, IT and engineering and is now looking to expand with a scientist with an extensive background in mass spectrometry.

Senior scientist mass spectrometry (1 FTE)

As the In Ovo senior scientist you will be responsible for the further development of our screening solution, (co) develop specific parts of it and coordinate the work done for us by third parties. In addition, we want you to become the eggspert on poultry mass spec data, find additional uses for the collected profiles and be our MS specialist.

We are looking for someone who doesn't mind a challenge and wants to do good. With our gender screening solution, we can change the global poultry industry for the better and we look for people who are driven by the same motivation as we are. We look for someone with a relevant scientific background and hands-on mass spectrometry experience. Experience with metabolomics is preferred.


  • You are a scientist (with a relevant education and background)
  • You have hands-on experience with mass spectrometry (both data interpretation/analysis as well as using the equipment for your own experiments)
  • You have performed research in the field of metabolomics (or another relevant -omics)
  • You are able to independently use mass spec equipment
  • You enjoy challenges, have shown you can come up with creative and pragmatic solutions to problems and don't mind developing stuff yourself
  • You are eager to apply scientific knowledge
  • You enjoy working in the fast-changing environment of a startup company
    You are a likeable person, with good communication skills and a talent for project management
  • You speak (and read+write) Dutch and English fluently

What we offer:

  • A full time position in a multidisciplinary team
  • A contract for one year, with the option (and intention) to extent this period when we both feel this will work out
  • A competitive salary
  • A goal oriented environment in which you have the freedom to plan your own hours
  • The option to contribute to an eggciting project that potentially has a global impact on animal welfare for billions of chicks
  • The possibility to extend your network
  • A customized training programme
  • Starting date

    The project has started, we can use your help asap, preferably 1 February the latest

  • Apply before

    Send your application via email ( before 19 January 2019

  • Job type

    Full time (40 hours)

  • Benefits

    Holiday allowance, pension fee and customized training programme

  • Requirements

    Mass spec scientist, several years of experience, fluent in Dutch and English, experience with metabolomics

Apply via email. Send your resume and motivation letter to, before 19 January 2019. Do you have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.