Day in the life of an operator at In Ovo

‘All progress feels like magic. And being responsible for the end result is amazing. I am very glad that my bosses establish an environment of trust, and that they allow me to develop.’

High-throughput in ovo sexing machine

In Ovo hatches first 150,000 chicks without culling

We are proud to announce that after ten years of R&D, In Ovo has hatched the first 150,000 chicks without chick culling. Our gender-typing machine has been screening eggs at high-speed, in a commercial hatchery, since December. These chickens are almost ready to lay, giving consumers the option to buy more sustainable and animal friendly eggs. We are now ready to scale up our impact, together with strong partners in the industry.

Eggspert Wouter Bruins is Digital Champion in Farming

Digital Champion in Farming

Eggspert Wouter Bruins was crowned EU Digital Champion in Farming with In Ovo today at the 6th European Congress of Young Farmers! Members of the European Parliament nominated young agri & food innovators, one from each of 15 EU countries. Annie Schreijer-Pierik nominated Wouter for the Netherlands. Pavlov Tsakiris from Greece was crowned environmentally-sustainable Champion and Josef Obkircher from Italy a Food Champion in farming.