Eggspert Wouter Bruins is Digital Champion in Farming

Digital Champion in Farming

Eggspert Wouter Bruins was crowned EU Digital Champion in Farming with In Ovo today at the 6th European Congress of Young Farmers! Members of the European Parliament nominated young agri & food innovators, one from each of 15 EU countries. Annie Schreijer-Pierik nominated Wouter for the Netherlands. Pavlov Tsakiris from Greece was crowned environmentally-sustainable Champion and Josef Obkircher from Italy a Food Champion in farming.

European Congress of Young Farmers

The 6th EPP European Congress of Young Farmers took place today with a special focus on the role young farmers can play in the new CAP and the Farm to Fork Strategy in a post-Covid world. This Congress is organised by the EPP Group together with the Portuguese Farmers Confederation and the Spanish Agrarian Association-Young Farmers.

“As already one third of the ten million European farmers are over the age of 65, Europe’s new agricultural policy must provide incentives and economic security to attract young farmers”, stated EPP Group MEPs Nuno Melo, Herbert Dorfmann, Asim Ademov and Juan Ignacio Zoido, organisers of the EPP Group’s European Congress of Young Farmers.

In Ovo are very proud to have received this recognition and are very grateful for the nomination by Ms. Schreijer-Pierik. The other nominees were very impressive and we see a bright future ahead of us with their inspiring projects!

The whole ceremony can be found on Facebook.