Early feeding solution nominated

SmartStart™, the early feeding solution In Ovo developed for hatchery solutions company Pas Reform, is nominated for the Broilers Innovation Prize (Innovatieprijs Vlees). The winner of the award will be announced during the Poultry Symposium on 26 September 2019 in Eersel, The Netherlands.

The feeding solution we developed in collaboration with Pas Reform, DSM company Twilmij and Philips NatureDynamics, makes post-hatch feeding easy and practical. The SmartStart™ system can be retrofitted to existing hatchers and offers newly hatched chickens the opportunity to start eating right away, while remaining in the hatching basket. Thanks to NADES, discovered by Leiden University, it was possible to make a moisture-retaining gel that enables this innovation and which allows for providing feed and water at the same time to day-old chicks.

Early-life feeding

Early-life feeding of day-old chicks is a great welfare enhancing solution and can easily be implemented in hatcheries, both broilers and layers. In Ovo strongly believes early feeding solutions will be adopted around the world; current sales of the SmartStart™ system already prove there is much interest from multiple continents. The system sold by Pas Reform consists of intelligent lighting, semi-moist feed, adapted hatching baskets and an automatic feed-dosing unit. Compared to other solutions in the market, SmartStart™ offers a cost-effective way to improve animal welfare in your hatchery.

For more info on SmartStart™, please see the Pas Reform website.