EU Top 50 start-up convention - Photo: Wil Stutterheim

In Ovo an EU Top 50 innovative start-up!

This year’s European Innovation Summit features a brand new event on Tuesday 28 November: the EU Top 50 Millennial Start-up Competition. For the past few months, Europe’s most promising millennial seed-stage founders where recruited. Their companies are leveraging technology to build scalable solutions and address Europe’s most pressing challenges. We are happy to announce that In Ovo was selected for a place on this first ever EU Top 50 start-ups list!

EU Top 50 start-ups

EU Top 50 event bannerThe EU Top 50 Millennial Start-up Competition gathers the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to present and showcase their ventures in areas such as security, education, transportation, deep technology, energy transition, space exploration, food and agriculture, health care & life sciences, climate change and environment. Entrepreneurs from 26 European countries submitted applications for the competition, fifty companies from 19 countries made it to the list.

On Tuesday, start-up founders will pitch in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels during the EU Top 50 Hemicycle Start-up Convention. In the afternoon, the finalists will showcase their business ventures to investors and corporates.

Poultry industry innovator

In Ovo was formally founded in 2013 and focuses on bringing innovations to the poultry industry. The founders started back in 2011 with the development of an in ovo gender screening for fertilized chicken eggs, in order to determine the gender of developing chickens and prevent the unnecessary killing of day-old male chicks. Last year we reached the proof-of-concept stage and are now working on further development of the final solution. In Ovo is the first to develop a really high-throughput automated sexing solution.

Together with Pas Reform we also developed a novel early feeding system, that provides day-old chicks with feed and water right after hatching, while they’re still inside an incubator. In addition, we are working on several new projects in order to make the global poultry industry more efficient and animal friendly at the same time.

We are happy to meet you in Brussels tomorrow, please give us a shout if you want to meet up. We finally understand why the EU build a large ‘space egg‘… the Eggsperts are coming to town!