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In Ovo is Foodvalley Champion 2020

Leiden-based AgTech company In Ovo won the title Foodvalley Champion Circular Agrifood 2020 at the Foodvalley Summit of 13 October. The announcement was made during a live-broadcast ceremony featuring the three finalists (Protix, Vandersat and In Ovo).

The three finalists were selected out of over 70 applications. In Ovo competed with their high-throughput solution for automated in egg sexing of chicken eggs. This innovation greatly improves resource efficiency and animal welfare in the poultry industry, by selecting only hens to be hatched in commercial poultry hatcheries.

Winners in the other categories are De Nieuwe Melkboer (The New Milkman) and Grünten. De Nieuwe Melkboer stood out, in the Protein Shift category, with their plant-based milk from locally-grown soy. With their ‘Veggie Oats’, Grünten came out on top in the Food & Health category. All three winners have innovation in their genes, according to the jury.


The Foodvalley Champions jury consisted of Paula Rijkens (innovation manager circular agrifood at Foodvalley NL), Gebrand van Veldhuizen (managing director at VanRijsingengreen), Carin van Huët-Laan (director food & agri at Rabobank) and Marjolein Brasz (managing director at Foodvalley NL). They stated: “With their technical innovation, In Ovo anticipate on the upcoming ban on the culling of day-old male chicks in Germany per 2020. With this method, the current chain of events is broken, a new processing system will be implemented and major social impact will be realized.”

Foodvalley Champions

Foodvalley Champion Circular Agrifood 2020

Foodvalley Champions is the successor to the prestigious Foodvalley award. The prize will be awarded every two years to the three most innovative companies in the fields of Protein Shift, Circular AgriFood and Food & Health. Participants will be evaluated on (1) the innovative character of the company and (2) the impact and innovative character of (their) recent innovation(s). The prize includes a promotional video showcasing the winner’s innovation, international profiling by Foodvalley NL and a one-year Foodvalley Membership.

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