In Ovo won the MVO Poultry Award

In Ovo wins MVO Pluimvee Award

On Tuesday 25 October Wouter Bruins received the MVO Pluimvee Award (Poultry Award) from Alexander Rinnooy Kan. The award is meant as an encouragement for companies in the broiler and layer sector, who are actively showing social responsibilities. This can be in the areas of labour, environment (including energy, water and carbon footprint), animal health and animal welfare or public health. In Ovo was awarded for their alternative to the manual sorting and killing of day-old layer chicks.

This is the first time the award was handed out. An expert jury judged all applications. The members of the jury were: Alexander Rinnooy Kan (SER), Renée Bergkamp, Aalt Dijkhuizen (Wageningen UR) en Bart Jan Krouwel (Productschap Pluimveevlees en Eieren). All candidates were presented and selected in September and October. The winners were announced at the LIV in Hardenberg on 25 October 2011.

The winners where awarded a cash prize in three categories, namely laying sector (€ 5.000), broiler sector (€ 5.000) and an encouragement award (€ 2.500).