High-throughput in ovo egg sexing

Automated chicken gender sorting

Worldwide, 3.2 billion day-old male chickens (cockerels) are discarded each year because they don’t have any significant value in the food chain. We think that’s a real shame and want to change this. In Ovo has been developing a solution to this problem since 2011. Our technology will make the killing of these animals obsolete. Now, together with our investors and partners, we have got the opportunity to start making a real difference.

In Ovo is partner in the Interreg North-West Europe Food Heroes project

Interreg North-West Europe Food Heroes
Automated egg sexing

Laying chickens use all their energy for the production of eggs and tend to be a lot smaller than broilers. Because of this, male layers do not have any value for the poultry industry: they don’t lay eggs and produce very little meat, which is why they are being disposed of right after hatching.

Worldwide, 3.2 billion male chickens are being killed every year. This happens with the laying chickens of all housing types. It doesn’t matter if the chicken is caged, barn raised, free range or organic: for each hen one cockerel has died.

We believe that by applying science in a smart way, we can offer a practical and innovative solution for this problem. Together with some of the best scientists in the field of biotechnology, biology and biochemistry, we work around the clock to make our vision a reality.

This project proves that animal welfare and efficiency go hand in hand. Together with our partners and the supporters of our consortium, we will be able to show that our innovation can change the poultry industry forever, to everyone’s benefit.


In Ovo is partner in the Interreg North-West Europe Food Heroes project.

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